Eternal Conflict®: Afterlife is a system created by Lhinovanion & Tasha Helcaraxe, under L&T Designs Brand in the meta-verse of SecondLife. Afterlife is a system that is mixed with both Role-play and a unique form of Combat. This is an invite only system, as Vampires, Lycanthropes, and Thralls walk freely by your side unnoticed, only to grant those worthy with the gift of immortality or even a slight taste. This is a free to play system and though there are many products and fancy gadgets that you can acquire if you wish to, the system itself is free. The main focus of Afterlife is the struggle that is hidden deep within the darkness of this world. Vampires and Lycans though created from the same Virus have through time come to odds with one another. The final straw that separated the two species was a Great War that happened in the year 825 which created an unmendable rift, that will forever remain broken. Though small alliances form between the two species they soon shatter along with the hope of peace. Amongst these wars between Vampires and Lycans, there are also minor conflicts that occur intraspecies.

The system comprises of Vampires, Lycanthropes, and Thralls. Vampires are those that are descendants of The Countess, Empress Tasha Helcaraxe, whom was first of the two mortals to become infected and mutated with an unknown virus known as The Strain Virus. While, Lycanthropes are those that descended from Lhinovanion Helcaraxe, whom was second of the the first two mortals to become infected and mutated with the Strain Virus. Countess Tasha is the strongest and most powerful Vampire in existence, while Lhinovanion respectively is the strongest Lycan in existence. Both of their abilities and powers are unknown though many of their talents and powers were gifted to their descendants. Directly below Countess Tasha are those known as Blood Elders, they are the only Purebloods and are powerful with their own set of talents. Those directly below Lhinovanion are known as Lycan Elders, they are the only Purebreds and are also powerful with their own talents. These Elders are rulers over Bloodlines and have the power to share their talents to all those that are loyal to their unique blood. The Second in Command of a Vampire Bloodline is referred to a Primogen, while the second of a Lycan Bloodline is referred to as a Sentinel. They are hand picked by the Elders and serve a great purpose in aiding their Elder. As we go further down the chain of command we have those referred to as Monarchs and Alphas. They are rulers of a smaller entity known as Covens and Packs. Monarchs and Alphas are stronger than those below them and are directly selected and put into power by an Elder. Thralls are mortals whom were infected with a small dosage of the Strain Virus which slightly changed their physical appearance, their biological makeup, and made them subservient to the Vampire or Lycanthrope who infected them. Thralls are able to be turned into Vampires or Lycanthropes depending on the species of the one who turned them. Or they may remain as a Thrall, maintaining an ounce of their humanity with one foot in the door of the Afterlife.

In terms of combat, Vampires and Lycanthropes have many weapons at their disposal as well as their canines, fangs, claws…. With powers gained from their immortality they can show or make their weapons invisible at will, helping them to remain in the shadows away from mortal eyes. There are a total of four weapons Twin Daggers, Katanas, Scythes, and Halberds, each with their own range of attack, damage, and swing motion. Vampires and Lycans are able to imbue their weapons with unique bonuses of their choice making their weapon perfect for their given combat style. As they gain experience with fighting with each weapon they are able to add more bonuses making their weapon all the more powerful. Vampires and Lycans also bite with their powerful fangs and jaws during combat in order to replenish their blood and to inflict a poisonous bite on their opponent.

In this Eternal Conflict what will you do when given a chance at immortality? What will you make of your Afterlife?

If you are interested in joining the system you can visit the SIM. You will have to be “turned” by a current member of the system depending on what species you would like to be; on the SIM you are sure to find some current members.

What will you chose?